Roofing companies have been busy in 2022 catching up with much of the work that went undone over the past few years for a number of reasons.

Between supply chain issues, COVID lockdowns, and other demands on the industry, roofing contractors have seen definite trends as home and building owners get caught up on the repairs and installations needing to be done.

For those seeking roofer services in the near future, here are a few notes on roofing trends and what to expect when it comes time to arrange all that roofing work.

A Continued Demand for Metal

Metal has been a favorite material installed by roofing companies for a long time and the love of this material has not waned.

These days, more people are opting for metal, especially in hotter climates where its reflectivity can provide greater thermal protection than asphalt.

With so many styles of metal roofing now available, roofing contractors see a continued demand from home and building owners looking to invest in a durable, long-lived roof that will give them good value for their money.

A Greater Demand for Synthetic

Newer, more advanced synthetic look-alike materials that can outperform traditional wood and shingles are also seeing increased demand as consumers want traditional looks in a more durable product.

Made from plastics, polymers, and rubber, much of it recycled and recyclable, roofer services are installing more synthetic materials made to mimic the look of other popular materials like wood, slate, tile, and many others more than ever before.

As synthetic roofs typically last 50 years or longer, it is a cost-effective investment that can be less expensive over time than other alternatives.

Sustainability A Growing Preference for Home and Commercial Customers

With climate change and environmental protection becoming bigger talking points, so is the demand for eco-friendly, sustainable roofing.

More roofing companies are installing solar panels as the incentives to do so keep increasing and more appealing solar shingles are becoming more popular as well.

Additionally, roofer services are seeing this demand from both private and commercial customers as well as an increased interest in green roofs for commercial buildings to put roof space to better, environmentally-beneficial use.

Plan Ahead As Some Materials Shortages Continue

While definite trends in preferred roofing materials and systems are being noticed by roofing contractors across the country, it is important to note that the industry as a whole is still seeing shortages in some materials due to ongoing supply chain issues.

More importantly, these shortages differ from location to location, so it is impossible to predict what materials a contractor may have difficulty accessing and for how long.

Knowing this, it is essential that customers planning to hire roofer services start early with their contractors to learn if these shortages will affect them and all customers should exercise some patience in terms of the availability and accessibility of the materials needed for their desired installation.

An Interesting Year for Roofing Companies and Customers in 2022

Though 2020 and 2021 saw some slowing down in the roofing industry due to the many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic affected roofing contractors, their customers, and the supply chain, things have been on the mend in 2022.

Partly in response to these changes, roofing companies are seeing increased demand for certain materials, especially metal, solar, and synthetic.

Now is a great time for home and building owners to reach out to roofers in their area and start planning a great fall installation of any type, as it is coming to be one of the best times of the year to have a new installation done!

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