Having a roof replacement done is no quick and simple task as it means having roofers around for a few days at the least, considerable noise, and some inconvenience while the work is being completed.

Knowing this, it is in every homeowner’s best interest to prepare for a roofing replacement ahead of time to make the process easier for everyone!

1. Prepare Inside the Home

Before a roof replacement project begins, avoid any damage that could happen inside the home by taking a few precautions.

Take down wall decorations around the house, as the pounding above could shake them loose.

Also cover stored items in the attic with drop cloths to keep them clean and safe if the work will include the replacement of the decking.

2. Prepare Outside the Home

Next, clean up around the outside of the house before the roofers show up to make it safer and less susceptible to damage.

Store patio furniture, toys, and other yard items away from the house or in the garage.

Protect windows that could be damaged with boards or tarps.

In addition, identify available exterior outlets to the contractors so they know where they can safely plug in if necessary.

3. Have Trees Trimmed In Advance

If there are trees close to the house, prepare for a roofing replacement by having them professionally trimmed back before roofing day.

Mow the grass and trim any tall shrubs or bushes close to the house so that plantings do not get in the way and are not damaged during the work process.

4. Notify the Neighbors

Roof replacements can be noisy for the whole neighborhood.

Be a good neighbor and notify them all a few days ahead of time that a new roof is being installed so they can plan accordingly.

5. Relocate Vehicles

Between the potential for damage during tear-off to the inconvenience of not being able to use the driveway during a roofing replacement, it is highly recommendable that homeowners relocate their vehicles away from the house while the work is being done.

Inquire if one of those previously-notified neighbors will allow parking in front of their home since the contractor's vehicles will likely be in the driveway and in front of the house.

6. Cater to Children and Pets

The noise and activity going on while roofers are working can be disturbing and even upsetting to pets and children as well as create a dangerous environment outside the house.

Parents and pet owners should consider this and either have a plan to keep everyone safe and happy in a different part of the house or take pets and kids out of the home while the work is being performed.

7. Remove Satellite Dishes and other Roof Attachments

Before a roof replacement can be done, attachments on the roof like satellite dishes, antennas, and other similar items must be removed.

Clarify ahead of time if the roofer will do it or if it must be done by someone from the utility company.

If another professional must take it down, make those arrangements for the day before the roof work begins.

Prepare Ahead To Make Roofing replacement Easier Manage

Having a roofing replacement done guarantees a few days of disruption to everyday life.

The easiest way through it all is to plan ahead and reduce the chance of problems that can slow the process down.

By protecting people, pets, and things as well as creating a safer environment for the roofers, homeowners can have their new roof systems done faster, and without incident!

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