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Storm Roof Repair in Austin, TX

Be Prepared for Rain Storms

Rainstorms can be a nice break from a hot summer day or winter afternoon cozied up with your loved ones. These storms can come on gradually or be an immediate downpour accompanied by high winds, causing driving rain. Storms with driving rain are most likely to expose problem areas on your roof and water stains can occur, most commonly on the ceiling.

When you see these spots it is important to have your roof inspected immediately to prevent damage in the future. The Top Dog Roofing staff is trained in how to find and address these leaks. Call to schedule your FREE roofing inspection with Video Analysis today.


Unforeseen Damage

Unexpected storms can cause some unanticipated damages to your home and especially to your home’s roof. Extreme winds, hail or rain can cause your roof’s shingles to dent and crack, leading to leaks and broken gutters.

In some cases, entire shingles will come off, leaving your roof unprotected and prone to further damage. When this happens, contact the team of experts you can trust to repair and restore your roof. Contact Top Dog Roofing in the Greater Austin area today and let us keep your home protected.

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5 gold stars

Fair price, worked with my insurance, very responsive. The roof looks amazing. Thanks, Top Dog!

Erin K.

5 gold stars

Would highly recommend Top Dog Roofing. The team were all great. Quick work, good quality materials, and it is the best roof in the neighborhood 😀

Brandon L.

5 gold stars

Top Dog replaced my roof. They were efficient, cleaned up after the job & completion was excellent. I will use again if the situation arises.

Lois L.

5 gold stars

I had my roof and gutters replaced by Top Dog after a massive hailstorm. Their workmanship and professionalism is Top Notch!

John Y.

5 gold stars

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Top Dog Roofing. Work was excellent, they were always responsive to questions, overall nice guys! 

Kristie W.

5 gold stars

Top Dog did a great job responding quickly to my messages & following through with the insurance company. They came to every appointment on time & completed the work on time & in budget. I recommend this company!

Jennifer M.

5 gold stars

Top Dog workers were efficient and professional with everything they did. The work was completed quickly and all the scraps were picked up so the yard looked cleaner than before they started.

Larry F.

5 gold stars

After the hailstorm we used Top Dog Roofing. The roof replacement was professionally done with high level shingles. I also Noticed my roof was finished earlier than many of my neighbors. Great team.

C. Max
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