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Hail Damage Repair in Cedar Park, Texas

Texas Storms Bring Risks

Living in the Greater Austin area, you’ve experienced all types of extreme weather. Intense heat, torrential downpours, and fast winds aren’t new to you, nor to any other resident of the Lone Star State. With these fierce storms, however, often comes hail.

The hail that falls in Texas is big and fast. It’s been known to cause significant damage to cars, businesses, and homes. Is your home protected from it? Find out. Call Top Dog Roofing today.


Hail Damage

When sitting inside your house, harsh storms don’t seem so bad. In fact, the middle of a storm can be a great time to curl up on the couch and read a book, watch a show or spend time with someone you love. It can often be relaxing. However, the storm that’s relaxing you could be causing your home damage.

During a hail storm, high winds can accelerate a hail impact. This impact creates a divot in the shingle and opens up the possibility for more damage to occur. A hail hit at first can be small and subtle. However, over time just like a pothole in the street with each rain, there is granular loss and the hail hit gets a little bigger creating a moisture exposure.

Five Signs You Need Roof Replacement or Repair:

  1. Missing pieces in the asphalt of your roof

  2. Dents or bruising on shingles resulting from hail damage

  3. Loose, cracked, or broken shingles

  4. An accumulation of roofing granules in gutters

  5. Leaky roof systems caused by wind damage

hail damage to roof shingles

Top Dog Services

Why Choose Us?

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5 gold stars

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Top Dog Roofing. Work was excellent, they were always responsive to questions, overall nice guys! 

Kristie W.

5 gold stars

I had my roof and gutters replaced by Top Dog after a massive hailstorm. Their workmanship and professionalism is Top Notch!

John Y.

5 gold stars

Top Dog replaced my roof. They were efficient, cleaned up after the job & completion was excellent. I will use again if the situation arises.

Lois L.

5 gold stars

Top Dog workers were efficient and professional with everything they did. The work was completed quickly and all the scraps were picked up so the yard looked cleaner than before they started.

Larry F.

5 gold stars

After the hailstorm we used Top Dog Roofing. The roof replacement was professionally done with high level shingles. I also Noticed my roof was finished earlier than many of my neighbors. Great team.

C. Max

5 gold stars

Top Dog did a great job responding quickly to my messages & following through with the insurance company. They came to every appointment on time & completed the work on time & in budget. I recommend this company!

Jennifer M.

5 gold stars

Would highly recommend Top Dog Roofing. The team were all great. Quick work, good quality materials, and it is the best roof in the neighborhood 😀

Brandon L.

5 gold stars

Fair price, worked with my insurance, very responsive. The roof looks amazing. Thanks, Top Dog!

Erin K.

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