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Roofing FAQs

How long does a roof last? How do I know if my roof needs replacing? These are just a few questions that we get about roofing. With all the recent talk about roofing, we thought it would be a good idea to compile some frequently asked questions for you. Check out our list below!

General Roofing FAQs

How long does a roof last?

The lifespan of a roof depends on the type you choose. How long does an asphalt shingle last? You can get up to 20 years out of these, but that is only if it's taken care and properly maintained with necessary repairs made in time.

How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

Check for shingles with curled or cupped edges. If there are bald spots, that might be a sign of granule loss and your roof may need to be replaced soon.

If you can feel the shingle tabs while walking on it; those could mean cracks which will eventually become holes in time. This is especially true if more than one tab has been cracked at some point because this indicates deterioration from age as well as wear-and-tear! It's worth checking out sooner rather than later so that these small issues don't end up costing much larger ones down the line - not to mention how miserable you'll likely find living under them day after day! The same

How much does a new roof cost?

The average cost to replace a roof can vary quite a bit. If you go with HomeAdvisor's estimate, the typical range for replacement costs is between $5100 and $10,000; however, if your house has an oddly shaped roof or requires specialized materials then that number could be substantially higher!

For example, one business in our area charges as little as $1200 per square foot but another company I know of only charges around $30,000 - so it all depends on what kind of work they have done before. Of course, prices fluctuate seasonally too: some companies' rates may change from month to month based on how much snow there was last winter (affects insulation) or whether this summer experienced more humidity than usual.

How many years is a roof good for?

Some roofs last much longer than others. Slate, tile, and copper can be durable enough to stand 50 years, fiber cement shingles typically only lasts about 25-30 years, and asphalt shingle/composition roost last about 20 years.

How much does insurance usually cover for a new roof?

Homeowners insurance policies typically only pay to replace or repair roofs after they have been damaged by an act of nature, such as heavy rainfall. If you're not sure if your policy covers this type of damage, give us a call and we'll be more than happy to check on it for you!

What’s considered an old roof?

A roof that has been around for 25 to 30 years may need a total replacement, even if it seems like the roof isn't in bad condition. Older roofs are often made of materials which just aren't useful or durable anymore- and with those kinds of things come problems such as leaks.

Does a new roof increase home value?

A new roof is a smart investment. With the average cost of a home in America at $240,000 to 230 million dollars and roofs lasting an average life span of 20 years, having your old shingles replaced with brand spanking new ones will give you that nice feeling of freshness from all angles without costing as much as buying two houses for some people!

Though not every house needs or wants their roof redone because it doesn't make sense financially, there's no question that doing so gives one piece more curb appeal than any other upgrade could hope to do on its own- even if they're warranted by leaky pipes underneath when rains start pouring down harder during these next few months.

Does homeowner's insurance cover leaky roofs?

Homeowner’s insurance may help with certain types of damage to your home, but it is generally not the best way to go about covering these issues. Unlike an annual homeowners policy that has coverage for sudden and accidental damages like thunderstorm-related hail or windstorms, those looking for assistance in repairing leaky roofs might want instead look into umbrella policies which provide extra protection against events outside what are considered normal perils under standard home owner policies such as lawsuits related injury on property from someone else's negligence (e.g., because they tripped over something left lying in front of your house.

Should I buy a house with an old roof?

Old roofs are the number one deal breakers when it comes to buying a home and for good reason. Well-maintained roofs can last 30 years or more—but poorly installed, low quality shingles and tiles mean replacing your roof much sooner!

Should I stay home during a roof replacement?

The simple answer is yes. But you need to be aware of what it's like on the inside and outside your home during your replacement. If you plan on avoiding the gutter line around your house, then maybe staying at a friend's place can work for you as long as they have dogs that love people!

What should I ask my roofer?

Most people need a new roof at some point in their lives. A good question to start with is "what kind of roofs do you install?" The best way to find the right contractor for your project, of course, is by asking them questions about what they specialize in and where they are located - both locally and nationally. There's no such thing as too many questions when it comes time to replace your shingles!

Do roofers need to come inside?

The interior of your home is one place that's often overlooked during maintenance checks. A professional with an emphasis on quality services will have to come inside for any thorough evaluation, and this includes looking at the attic or crawl space where water leaks can lead to serious damage if left unattended.

Shingle Roof FAQs

How long does a shingle roof last?

Vented properly and installed correctly, you can expect to get around 80-85% of the life span out of an asphalt roof. That means that if your 3-tab shingles were well maintained, they could technically live up to 20 years or so before wearing out!

How often does a shingle roof need to be replaced?

In general, a shingle roof should be replaced every 12-20 years. The type of material used will affect how often the replacement is needed; composition roofs need to be replaced more frequently than asphalt or wood because they are less durable and brittle.

How do you know when your shingles need to be replaced?

The answer is evident in 8 clear signs.

The first sign that it's time for a roof replacement is if the edges of your shingle are curled or have tabs on them which make them cupped, this means they're losing granules and will not protect against rainwater well anymore. If there are bald spots where granule loss has occurred from lack of protection by these worn-out pieces then it may also mean it’s necessary to replace the whole lot.

Some other things indicative that it might be time include cracked tiles, an old age with roofs typically lasting 20 years at most (depending on many factors), and even neighboring houses who get new roofs before theirs can signify trouble!

How much does it cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof?

Most homeowners pay between $6,000 and $10,000 for their new rooftop. Costs could be as low as $1,000 but can get up to astonishing heights of nearly $50,000. The higher the price tag in most cases means better quality care that will last longer than those cheaper options - so think about what you want your home's roof style to look like before signing on any dotted lines with a contractor or company.

Does insurance pay for a new shingle roof?

It's important to know that most homeowners' insurance policies cover the cost of a new roof if it is damaged by an act of nature or sudden accidental event. Most homeowner's insurances won't pay to replace, repair, or even fix a roof that has deteriorated over time due to wear and tear from neglect.

What color roof is the coolest?

This question has been debated for years. Dark surfaces are better heat absorbers, and traditionally cool roofs have always been white to maximize their efficiency. Berkeley Lab research has demonstrated that raising a roof's solar reflectance from about 20% (dark gray) to about 55% (weathered white) can reduce cooling energy use by up to 20%.

Is a black roof a good idea?

Many people have heard that darker roofs absorb more heat, which is why many think they're not ideal for their homes. But with proper ventilation and insulation in the attic as well as cool shingles or tiles on your roof – you can make it energy efficient!

Metal Roof FAQs

How much does a metal roof cost?

Homeowners can expect metal roof prices to range from $5 per square foot to 14 dollars depending on the type of rooftop installed. Steel is the most common, with installation costing an average of around $35k for an 1,800 sq ft home.

Does a metal roof increase home value?

A modern metal roof on your existing or new house can improve that home's resale value by 1 to 6% when compared with an asphalt-shingled one. Additionally, you'll recoup most of its costs in as little as six years.

Which color of metal roof is best for your location?

If you live in a region that experiences lots of sun and hot weather, it's wise to choose light colors such as white, light bronze, beige, or peach.

Does a metal roof lower your insurance?

If you have a metal roof, then your insurance should be lower! Insurers often factor the type of roof and quality material into their rebuild costs. Roofs made from slate, tile or concrete shingles offer the best protection but also cost more to replace than ones with less-durable materials like aluminum siding. Still, roofs that perform better will generally cost less to insure because they are easier for homeowners when it comes time make claims in case something does happen such as hail damage or severe weather conditions.

Do metal roofs affect Wi-Fi signals?

It's true that at most, a steel roof will have minimal influence on your Wi-Fi network; however, if you're noticing poor connection speeds or dropped connections with regularity then these issues likely come from localized poor coverage in certain areas of the home and are not an issue stemming from the geographical layout of your house itself.

Are metal roofs noisy?

Metal is typically a much quieter option than asphalt shingles. They are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly!

Does a metal roof affect cell phone reception?

A metal roof is just one of many building materials that may weaken or interrupt the signal from a nearby tower. Generally, if you do have poor service in your home, it will be due to the cumulative effect of all these factors. That's why some people think their metal roofs are causing problems with their phones! In reality, they're not doing anything wrong at all but rather it could be caused by other things such as new construction close-by and even trees which can interfere with signals somewhat too.

Do metal roofs make your house hotter?

Metal roofs are cooler than other types of roof materials. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs have a low thermal mass and reflect light better which make them more breathable in the summer months. You should be able to enjoy your home's air conditioning without worrying about it being too cold!

Are metal roofs hail proof?

Metal roofs are tough and hail-resistant! In fact, most metal roofing products have Class 4 impact resistance and hail ratings granted by Underwriters' Laboratory (UL). This means that when a hailstorm hits your property, the worst you'll see is some minor surface damage to your shingle.

Can you put a metal roof on in the winter?

Aside from shoveling snow, staging installation, and being unphased by ice or cold temperatures-metal roofs are designed to shed water. They don’t have to cure either!

Is a metal roof bad for your TV antenna?

Metal roofs can actually affect how well you receive television signals. A reflection of the signal will be deflected by the metallic surface, which may result in lower or no reception at all on some televisions with limited range antennas. However, there are special indoor antennas that won't have any problems receiving these frequencies and thus allow you to watch TV despite having a metal roof!

Is there a tax credit for installing a metal roof?

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bills is by investing in a new roof. If you invest in an ENERGY STAR certified metal roof with pigmented coatings, you can also receive up to $500 off!

The original tax credit for installing this type of roof has been extended from December 31st, 2017 until December 31st, 2021 as well which means now's the time if it was something that had crossed your mind before - plus there are so many more benefits aside from saving cash and lowering emissions such as durability and lifetime value.

John Ramseur


In a suburb of Georgetown, Texas, our 1800 sf house experienced wind and hail damage on the roof. My wife organized an inspection of the roof through our insurance company. We needed repairs to the shingles, roof vents gutter & downspouts, and special patio roof . I interviewed several roofing companies and determined "Top Dog Roofing" to have superior recommendations, products, time schedule for the repairs and clean-up. Jesse managed the project for "TDR", and we are pleased with him and the company. Janine and I will recommend "TDR" to homeowners in need of roofing services. Blessings on all y'all from the Ramseur's
Highly recommend. Over delivered on all promises, very professional and transparent on all work. Great overall experience.

R Lazar


They came out and fixed some damaged shingles from a branch that fell on my roof. Excellent customer service!

Dawn Fosbury


I'm a little late posting my review of Top Dog, but I need to tell you I could not be more pleased with how easy this whole process was. I contacted Jason in late December (we already had our Christmas lights hung). He came out same day to walk my roof (took lots of pictures) and give me a quote. A few days later, Jason met our insurance adjuster at the house to assess the damage together. Within a few days we had the paperwork written up, the materials picked out to use, and the date to start the job. They were nice enough to wait until after the holiday to come back and do the job after family was gone and lights were down, which I thought was nice. No pressure to lock us in and get the job on the books before the end of the year. Materials were delivered one day, the job was done the next day. The installation crew was very efficient and clean up was kind of unreal. I was worried about finding nails and debris in the yard because I have kids and pets but they did a fabulous job leaving virtually no trace of their work. Since our roof was 17 years old, it's nice to have new energy efficient materials I didn't realize existed protecting our house! Our roof looks great and we would highly recommend contacting Jason at Top Dog for your project.
I strongly recommend Top Dog Roofing. I had some shingles missing on my roof and needed to replace them ASAP so I called different companies with no luck until got in touch with Top Dog Roofing, set an appointment for next day and James showed up right on time For and estimate, after explaining me what I need he ended up repairing my roof in no time and a convenience price. Top Dog Roofing was very responsive to my needs and James made absolutely sure that my wife and I were happy with the job. These guys are really good at what they do and they are also just good people

Albert Uhrig



Von 1k


Ashton Baker


I had been more than a little apprehensive on the idea of getting a new roof, thinking it would be a big stressful process. Luckily the first call I made was to Top Dog Roofing. I had James Beaver at my house the next day putting my mind at ease. Answering any and all questions I had, and clearly laying out the next steps. Even with the world in the midsts of a pandemic and supply chains strained they got the job done in a quick professional manner. Updating immediately with any changes due to weather. When it came time for the big day I had a big crew knock out the job in half a day. They even made sure to pick up nails etc. leaving nothing but a great looking roof. Long story short BIG thanks to James and the rest of the crew at Top Dog for a job done the right way!
Vance with Top Dog Roofing was very professional and explained everything regarding my roof. Their crew completed my roof in one day and did a great job. I would recommend Top Dog Roofing for all of your roofing needs. One of the main reasons that I went to Top Dog Roofing is because they are local Cedar Park, Texas business. Support the local businesses in Cedar Park, Texas

Bill James


Top Dog personal were very professional and responsive from start to finish on my gutter and roof replacement. Jason McCombs, our main contact with Top Dog Roofing, did an exceptional job helping me with my homeowners insurance agent and explaining all of the various details. The additional attic venting makes prrrrrrfect sense especially in central Texas and the roofing crew did a great job on the cleanup. I highly recommend Top Dog Roofing for roofing services.



Great experience with Top Dog Roofing. After the hailstorm of April 2021 we needed an entire new roof, and James was able to help me through all the details of my insurance claim. Upon installation there was more water damage than initially projected so extra decking material needed to be used and paid for. As this was right around the holidays, James offered to pay for half of the material cost for my family. The roof looks great, and we will use Top Dog Roofing in the future for any roof issues we may have.
When our roof was damaged by a huge hail storm that came through, I contacted Jesse at Top Dog and within a few days he was out at our house doing an inspection of the damage to send to our insurance. They were very responsive, quick & patient with our insurance company. Our home is not very big and they replaced the whole roof in 1/2 day and we have had no issues, and they left my property clean afterwards. I would use Top Dog again, and I highly recommend them.

Elaine Soto


Very good roofing company. Everything about this process was done timely and professionally. I’d recommend them to anyone needing a new roof.
Would highly recommend Top Dog Roofing. Vance and the team were all great. Quick work, good quality work, and is the best roof in the neighborhood. 😀

Mike Pauken


They completely re-roofed my home. Removed the old roofing down to the wood decking. They did an excellent job and kept all their promises. They have a crew of 7 people. Five guys on the roof and two ladies continuously picking up the roof debris from the removal process. The new roof was completed in one day. They started at 7:00AM and finished at 6:30PM. They are extremely clean and after they left you would never know they were there. They use only the finest Owens Corning materials for the roof. For example, the underlayment is Owens Corning ProArmor, which repels water and moisture. You can purchase an extended (life time) warranty directly from Owens Corning, which I decided to do. Top Dog Roofing did an excellent job. The professional care of my property and workmanship was impressive to say the least. They do what they tell you they are going to do!! If they find a rotted section of the roof, they repair it at no additional cost. If you choose this roofing company, you will not be disappointed.

Victor Orona


Excellent customer service and top quality!
James was our salesman he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. We received the claim information from our insurance company and didn’t know what any of it meant. James came over and walked us through everything. The office staff Kayla and Mary were friendly and always available for questions and issues. In order for us to have our mortgage company endorse our insurance check we had to have several documents and Kayla and Mary were great at helping in this process and helping with scheduling. The roofers who came to fix our roof were timely and friendly. They kept us updated on ever step. We are extremely happy with Top Dog Roofing.

brad walsh


It's been about 6 months since the installation, and we have had no issues. The sales process felt collaborative instead of condescending, the install was fast, the crew left a clean site. There is a certain amount of anxiety when making an investment like this, and I'm able to look back and feel that I made the right choice.
Wonderful experience all around. I had to have my whole roof replaced on short notice, and these guys were nothing but professional. My point of contact (Martin) was very friendly, communicative, and knowledgeable. We schedule the work out and on the day of the team tore off the old roof and had the new one on by 2:30 PM.
The person who came to look at our roof and consult with us was easy to talk to, honest, and very helpful.

Elizabeth P


David Bauer


Everyone from my first call to the completion of my needed repair was extremely professional and helpful. I don't normally write reviews but was compelled to do so because Top Dog Roofing is the REAL DEAL !! I worked with Hunter Strimple, he called me to confirm he was on his way and when he would arrive. Hunter was very knowledgeable and went straight to the problem area, found it and repaired it. The entire time Hunter was at my home I felt at ease, he was very courteous, neat and kept me informed and the charge for their services was MORE than fair. If you want a real roofing company to help with your roofing needs, THIS IS THE ONE !!! I will refer them to all my friends and family.
You would be wasting your own time and money if you called anyone else. From start to finish, Top Dog was responsive, professional, and empathetic. I definitely see why they have so many good reviews. The price was on point, the job went significantly faster than I imagined, and there scheduling was flexible and allowed me to get the job done on a day when the kids were gone. Too bad they offer such a good warranty, I’d 100% call them first before anyone if I needed another roof. Butttttt their warranty is also as great as they are so there is that.

Alyn H.


Zac Cravens


I worked with Jason on a hail damage claim. Very professional from start to finish. Real attention to detail for things like cleanliness (removing nails) and special care to not damage plants. Once scheduled the work was completed in 2 days. Very pleased with the outcome. I was made aware of their services from a buddy of mine, and I’d certainly recommend Top Dog Roofing.
Great roof repair. CJ explained everything about the process to me both before and after the work was done. He took pictures of everything so I knew exactly what was happening. I highly recommend this company.

John Yao


I had my roof and gutters replaced by Top Dog after a massive hailstorm. Jason was my sales rep and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. Even though there was a delay due to supply issues, Jason kept me informed on the situation and possible ETAs. Their workmanship and professionalism is top notch!
Professional and friendly service.
Worked with Justin from TopDog. Excellent service and 100% transparency throughout the process. Thank you so much.
Very positive experience. Hunter delivered on everything he promised. Would definitely use them again.

Walker Polan


My experience with Top Dog Roofing was a very positive one. They were incredibly helpful from start to finish, very thorough with their photos, inspections and when laying out all of my options. I am very happy with how the roof turned out, and would recommend their services to anyone.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Top Dog Roofing. Work was excellent, they were always responsive to questions, overall nice guys! Special shout out to Jason McCombs, great guy who went above and beyond during some challenging circumstances. Thanks Jason!
I strongly recommend Top Dog Roofing!! I contacted a couple other roofing companies and Top Dog provided the best service from the initial phone call through every interaction I've had since then! My experience with James Beaver was excellent! He was extremely courteous and professional. He took detailed pictures of what he noted on the roof and clearly distinguished what would be areas for concern vs what items were more cosmetic in nature. I highly appreciated his honesty and integrity! Thank you Top Dog Roofing and James Beaver! I'll definitely be referring you to others in the future!! 🙂
Jesse was very through, he informed me of what was going to be done, and how. They worked with me and my insurance company to get my roof replaced after a bad hail storm. The crew arrive on time and finished before I thought they would. My yard was cleaned of debris before they left and Jesse came by to inspect afterwards and did another yard sweep to make sure the yard was cleared of debris. We did a walk around inspection and Jesse went up on the roof to inspect the work. It looks great. I recommend Top Dog to anyone needing a roof replacement.
We are in the middle of selling out home when the home inspector found a leak in the roof by one of the roof vents. I call Top Dog Roofing and Ryan was able to meet me at the home that same day. He assessed the situation and gave me a fair price for a minor fix. Since time was of the essence here being in the middle of a sale contract, Top Dog Roofing was able to get out to my home within the week and get it fixed. I would definitely recommend Top Dog Roofing to anyone in need of any type of roof repair. Thank you Ryan!
Verry professional and u really can tell these guys have experience in roofing. Top dog roofing really help you from beginning to end. Always there to answer your question. Really professionals..

Bev Van Note


Jesse at Top Dog was professional and helpful throughout the reroofing process. He was also extremely helpful in working with our insurance company. When the roofers accidentally damaged the gutters that we were not planning to replace, he made the process of getting that damage repaired simple and painless. We were delighted with Top Dog from start to finish. Highly recommend!

John Tolley


Jesse was honest, friendly and informative. The whole experience played out exactly as described and without a hitch. New roof and gutters look great!
Top Dog was highly recommended on our neighborhood facebook page so I had them come out to inspect our roof after the ice storm that hit Austin. Although there wasn't enough damage to warrant repairs, Vance did a great job explaining to me the condition of our roof and some minor issues he saw. Vance was professional, honest, and informative. He even came back to fix the minor issues at no charge. It this kind of service that you don't see everyday and that is why I will definitely be using Top Dog Roofing when I need to replace my roof. If you are looking for a roofing company that operates with integrity, I highly recommend reaching out to Top Dog Roofing
BEST customer service I’ve ever experienced!!!! Most competitive prices. Quality materials and workmanship. They also helped deal with the insurance company for me. If you need a new roof, these are the folks. Jason McCombs is the man! He and the owner were at the house almost every day to ensure everything was going ok and they immediately stepped in to make corrections when needed. Amazing experience.
Vance was a pleasure to work with. He always kept me informed about what was happening and answered questions quickly. He was friendly and professional. The work was very satisfactory and as I expected. I would not hesitate to use them again if the need arises.

Norm Chong


Great work! Martin was my advisor and my experience was very professional from assessment, to working with my insurance company through completion and invoicing. I would use them again for sure!

Josh Cornett


James was very professional and a great guy to work with ! He went above and beyond to help me with shingle and gutter color choices and was quick to respond to my text and calls. The installers we quick and professional as well . They were done in 1 day and my house looks great ! A big thanks to Top Dog Roofing !

Jason Hughes


Top Dog put a new roof on my parents house and the whole process was easy and they did a great job. Very professional and excellent results.

Nancy Sweet


I enjoyed working with Jason. He was very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and courteous. Top Dog worked directly with insurance company after I filed initial claim. Very painless process under the circumstances. Very fast service. They have their own sub contractors. Love the roofing product, Owen's Corning and their committment to their warranty. Highly recommend Top Dog Roofing.

Tom Holt


Best phone call I could have made! I fought a leaking metal roof for over a year with another company. I called Top Dog based them being a long term local company and good Google ratings. They were awesome! Jason immediately spotted hail damage and worked tirelessly with my Insurance to get me a complete new roof. He stayed in touch throughout the process and I never had any problem getting in touch with him. Now my roof is 100% right and I don't dread rain anymore. I absolutely recommend these guys for any roof work!
They were very professional and did a remarkable job putting a new roof on my house! I would highly recommend them! Plus they donate to animal shelter if you use their business! So it was a win win for me since I am a dog lover who has 4 rescue dogs!

John Clark


Ryan Richardson of Top Dog met with insurance adjuster, got insurance claim approved, and got new roof installed quickly. Michelle in the office got all my paperwork approved and sent in quickly so I could get insurance claim paid quickly. Great company.



I received great service from Brian with TopDogRoofing. His price was very modest, he is extremely polite, texted me when he was on his way and arrived on time. He cleaned up the job site after work was done and even left me with some extra material in case of emergency! I would gladly give him my business again.
Jesse with Top Dog was very knowledgeable and walked us through the entire process step by step. We paid out of pocket, and he worked carefully to get us the best price. The timeline for the job was exactly what he said it would be.

Laith Leo


I'm a very a hard person when it comes to give 5 stars rating! But "Steve Robinson" from Top Dog Roofing did a great job with following, inspecting, advising and becoming a consultant. He is someone you can really trust which I highly recommend. Unfortunately I didn't finish the deal with them, but I still believe that they are a trustworthy when it comes to protect the top of your house.
Top Dog Roofing is the absolute best. I’ve loved working with Jason and his team. Great work and even better service. Going above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. They’d be my first recommendation.

Mark W


Vance was very friendly and helpful 👍

Lily Chao


I have a water damages caused by chimney flashing, after I contact Top Dog Roofing, James Beaver came to inspect the roof. He showed up on time, and very polite. He went up to the roof, recording detailed inspection. He explained to me professionally. I was very impressed. He also helped me to dealing with insurance company to get a claim. Unfortunately I didn’t get covered by my insurance for the roof replacement. But, James reached out to making sure I got taken care of. In the future, I will definitely recommend James Beaver at Top Dog Roofing to anyone who needs roof repairs or replacement.
I had some roof damage from hurricane Harvey, and Top Dog came out and repaired it the day after I called. This seems to be an honest roofing company, and they are local to the Austin area.
I chose Top Dog Roofing based on the number of positive reviews, and I’m glad I did. I had a leak that appeared after the heavy rains. Justin Sullins came out to help, and he was extremely professional. I really appreciated his clear communication - before, during, and after. Once he was done, he shared before and after pics, explained the problem, and what he did to fix it. I couldn’t be happier with his service. #JustinSullins #TopDogRoofing #OnPoint

juan jacinto


I have to give Top Dog Roofing a 5 star rating!!! We had a bad hail storm come through our area and I called and asked Jason McCombs to please make sure our roof was still in good shape. Jason came out the next day after I had called and he was friendly and very knowledgeable. Lucky for us the roof was in good shape and did not need any repairs. Thank you Jason at Top Dog Roofing for your honest opinion and help, we appreciate it and I would recommend Top Dog Roofing to anyone!!! - Salmi
I would strongly recommend Top Dog for your roof issues. After a bad hailstorm went through the area last spring, my neighbor referred me toTop Dog. I am so glad that I followed up on his suggestion. I dealt with a representative named Justin. I found him to be extremely personable, knowledgeable, and professional. He kept in constant touch before, during, and after the job. During the job he sent me several photos so that I could see the progress. He walked me through the entire insurance issue. He not only came back to inspect the job, but also swept the entire property for nails that the workers may have missed. He even personally power washed my driveway, because the trailer left a tire mark upon leaving. Who does that? I hope that I never need these services again, but if so, I will call Top Dog , without reservations, and ask for Justin.

Jeff Uselman


Great work at a reasonable price. Martin was very helpful and answered my questions. After the job was done he came out to make sure everything was cleaned up and completed as it should be. Highly recommend!
The salesman and staff team are very helpful and quick response and explanation clearly.
Big thanks to Jesse with Top Dog Roofing. He was thorough in his assessment of our roof and provided my husband and I with complete details of what the issue/s were and what was needed for a proper repair. Our scheduled repair was happening after a big storm was coming in so Jesse and his crew came out before the rain and tarped the area to prevent further damage before they could come out to repair. The work was completed timely and our roof looks as good as new. I highly recommend Top Dog Roofing if you need or want roof repairs.

Alyssa Fink


Great, fast service. Didn't try to overcharge me with service I didn't need. Job well done.
The roofing crew did a fantastic job of protecting the grounds around my house. They took special care to pick up all the nails and other debris in the yard, along with doublechecking the neighbors yard. They were quick and worked very well as a team. Josh checked on the work throughout the day and did a last inspect on the roof and around the house at the end of the day. The sales rep, Vance, was very knowledgeable and provided information on all aspects of the roof -- not your typical sales person and definitely not pushy/high pressure. It felt like I was talking to my dad or brother about whether to go this way or that way on the options for the roof. Fair price, considering the increase in supply costs. Getting the roof completed so quickly, both in lead time and actual day off was amazing! Thanks Top Dog!
Top Dog performed as promised. I'm pleased with the job they did.
I had the pleasure of working with Jason McComb with Top Dog Roofing. He was very professional and took the time to explain the process to me. He meet with me at my convenience, talked to my insurance company and I never once felt like I was being sold. Best of all his crew finished the job in one day and the clean up was exceptional so was the work they done. I hope to work with Top Dog Roofing again in the future. Thanks to Jason and the team!
Great and very easy to work with. CJ Shrull helped me deal with the very irritating insurance song and dance. Got a great roof and windows quick and easy. Nothing but good things to say.
Jason and his crew did a fantastic job on my roof replacement and really went above and beyond working with my insurance company to make sure everything was done right and updated to new building codes. My new roof is better than the original and looks great!



Kirk Moore


Ralph Elikan


Jason and his crew were very professional and provided excellent service and quality materials. Cleanup was thorough.

Bobbi Murphy


Jesse was a joy to work with. We had so many pushy sales people approach us after a hail storm, and had one very bad experience getting an estimate from another company. Jesse was very thorough in his inspection and was honest with his recommendation. I look forward to working with him and the Top Dog Roofing team when we are ready to replace our roof. Don't let yourself be scammed by others. Get an honest assessment from this company. Integrity to the max which I think is rare in the roofing industry.
I worked with Justin at Top Dog Roofing, and I couldn’t be happier. Justin explained all options, and he and his crew were able to work within the schedule needs. They did a great job including cleaning up after. Thank you!
Top Dog Roofing was by far the best roofing company we interviewed and got a quote from for replacing the roof on our house. Jason was honest and up-front from the start, and the installation crew was efficient, clean, and thorough. The majority of the work was completed in one day, and the clean-up was impeccable. The finished roof looks great and I am completely satisfied with the work. I would highly recommend Jason and Top Dog Roofing.

Gary Lillo


Fair price, worked with my insurance, very responsive. The roof looks amazing. Thanks, Top Dog!

Zack F


Jesse at Top Dog was excellent to work with. He came out to inspect our roof himself after some damage and then came out again with each insurance adjuster (long story). He helped guide us through the insurance process and worked with us over the course of months to get all of the insurance stuff figured out. Once that was all done, the crew that was sent out was punctual and did good work!! Our new roof looks great! Thanks Top Dog!

Jim Johnson


Randy Rankin


Working with Dalton was a breeze. He and the amazing office staff coordinated with my insurance agency to get my roof replaced from hail damage. Dalton was able to find not so obvious signs of hail damage the inspector missed and get that covered as well. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Lois Long


Top Dog replaced roof. They were efficient, clean up at job completion was excellent. I will use again if the situation arises.

Ryan Becerra


We called Top Dog Roofing after seeing a sign down the road at a neighbors house. Our contact James inspected our roof and provided us with photos of the issues. The roof was past insurance coverage and it was time to replace. James coordinated the Top Dog team with shingle orders, removal/installation of the roof and gutter removal and reinstallation. We were able to choose the color and style. Attic vents were added to the roof to improve ventilation. The installation team worked through a rainy day to quickly remove and reinstall the new roof. They arrived early before 8AM and were already jumping on the roof shortly after. They finished the roof installation in one day. The workers were friendly and the installation leader was communicative and had a great attitude. Our gutters were installed two or three weeks later after those parts arrived. We ended up getting our gutters extended all the way around the house and it has really helped the erosion issue we were having with our soil in the backyard. One thing I would point out, is it is pretty obvious that Top Dog has their technology in order. I signed all of the documents on an iPad, received copies digitally right away to my email and handled financing on the ipad as well. It was simple and not having to keep track of a bunch of paperwork was nice. It is 2020 and this made a lot of sense that things would be handled in a modern way. At the end of the project James took pictures with a drone so we could see the final results from a different perspective. This was our first big project on our home since we moved in and we are pretty happy with the results so far.

James Fagan


I had a great experience working with Mr. James Beaver from the Topdog. He did exactly what he promised to do and when to do it. I would thank him for his professionalism even at young age. I highly recommend to use the Topdog roofing services specifically through Mr. Beaver.
Jason at Top Dog is a real professional. He did whatever we needed to help us file our insurance claim with ease. He answered my texts quickly and explained things well. Their company has won awards for their product installations from Owens Corning. The roof looks great and I know if we ever need anything roof-related, he’ll be there for us.
Jason made it easy. Recommend upgrades we’re warranted and at a fair price. Work was started and completed as promised. Helped with the insurance claim, explanation and execution. Even though Jason will have retired, I will use Top Dog in 25 years when my roof fails again. Solely because of the service Jason provided.

Linda Robles


From beginning to end, James Beaver was friendly, courteous, and attentive. He treats you like family, and always makes sure you are kept in the loop on the whole roofing process. I’m happy with my new roof and gutters. Thank you, James and Top Dog Roofing.

Ronit Ricoy


We had a small but annoying leak on our porch that previous attempts had failed to fix. (Leaks can be challenging!) They came and fixed it just before the rains — no more leak! I appreciated that they were watching the forecast and made a point of addressing this quickly and that the pesky leak is gone.
When first contacted by Jesse of Top Dog Roofing I kinda blew him off as a fly by night company looking for a buck. Then I noticed more and more roofs being installed by Top Dog. I asked a few neighbors about them and all were in agreement that Top Dog did a very good job on their roofs. No hidden fees, not last minute changes. Jesse showed up one more time to sell a roof job. This time I talked with him and my wife and I agreed we needed a roof. We had problems with our insurance but with Top Dogs help those were overcome, but it took a while. My wife and I are very much satisfied with the roof, the roofers, Jesse, Michelle and Abigail at Top Dog. We give them 5 stars without reservation.



The sales person I dealt with was a gentleman named Dalton who is very professional and knowledgeable and a joy to work with. The crew that came out to replace my roof was punctual, hard working and neat. Would definitely recommend this company for all your roofing needs.
Top Dog Roofing did a great job, they were fast efficient and awesome to work with!

Gary Reed



Ted Mueller


Hunter and his crew earned every star available and then some. They did a comprehensive roofing job for me, but it didn't even start as that. I called regarding a tricky leak repair in a valley of the roof, and let me mention that three other companies attempted to fix this leak and didn’t. Why three – because they don’t call back when you call them to report that it’s still leaking. So, I called Top Dog due to their good reviews and Hunter came out to take a look, he agreed it looked like a tricky repair. He also noted significant hail damage to the roof and suggested I call my insurance company to have an adjuster come out….and to let him know when so he could meet the adjuster and walk the roof with them. Well about a week later that happened and after the adjuster was out, we had a claim for a brand-new roof (replacing the 14yr old one we had) for the cost of our deductible. Then they did the roof job, which they took care of numerous details on both on and off the roof. Things like installing the proper ridge vent, covering our pool so roof debris didn’t get in it, sweeping up daily to keep roof debris and nails off the driveway and walkways. There were some additional things to deal with regarding stucco repair and the insurance company, Hunter handled it. He’s like your representative with the insurance company. And, one of our gutters got kind of bent up in the process – we have a difficult roof to access so it didn’t surprise me that happened. But Hunter took care of it at no extra cost replacing it…and it was a custom wider than normal gutter. They are completely reasonable with their up-front deposit, and don’t ask for final payment until the JOB IS COMPLETELY DONE RIGHT and you have received payment from your insurance company. If you have a roof issue, call these guys, you will not regret it.
Can not speak highly enough about the experience we had with James Beaver, roofing consultant. James was on time, knowledgeable, great conversationalist and above all honest professional. After inspecting our roof for hail damage, he then showed us a detailed, narrated video recording of his findings and determined that our 15 year old roof was in great shape considering its age, and recommended not pursuing a replacement at this time. This was such a refreshing change from my previous experiences with other companies, and when the time does come I will 100% be calling James to do the work.