Residential Roof Repair in Cedar Park, Texas

Animal Damage

We’re lovers of animals of every kind. However, those cute, furry creatures often cause significant damage to your roof. Skunks, squirrels and raccoons tear off shingles, chew holes in your roof and open the door for more damage to occur. These holes lead to water damage and increase the risk of infestations of insects, rodents and even squirrels and skunks. Trust us, you don’t want a skunk living in your attic — they’re not great tenants.





Ventilation Issues

Your home’s ventilation system provides you with clean, fresh air each day and it’s vital for your home to breathe. Improper ventilation allows hot, humid air to escape and improper ventilation can cause boiling, blistering, and other damage to the roof and attic. This can shorten the lifespan of the roofing material and also issues with deteriorating support beams, rust, mold, water damage, and air conditioning system probvlems. These issues only further increase damage to your home and can cost your big buck later on.


Other Repair Services

Wind Damage - Missing Shingles 

Tree Rub or Limb Damage

Before we can repair or replace damage caused by tree rub or a falling limb, please contact Joey Soileau with J&M Services. 


Joey and his team are professional and fully insured to take care of all your tree trimming and removal needs. They also perform rodent removal and pest control services if you have any uninvited guests in your attic. 


You can learn more about and book an appointment with them at


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