Big News: No More Waiving Deductibles in the Lone Star State


The 86th Texas legislative session passed a roofing industry-altering bill, HB 2102, which prohibits the waiving of deductibles.

What does this mean for you homeowners? Starting September 1st, 2019, you will now be protected from suspicious contractors that try to scam you into committing insurance fraud by waiving your deductible.

To save you the hassle, we took the liberty of compiling everything that you need to know about HB2102.

Waived Deductible Prevention

While the waiving of deductibles has been ill-advised since 1989, many contractors ignored the original prohibition of waived deductibles due to a poorly worded statute. Making it almost impossible for reputable contractors to compete with the “deductible eaters.” Storm chasers baited naive homeowners with the promise of a “Free Roof” by tricking them into committing insurance fraud when they absorbed their deductible. HB2102 now clarifies the fact that deductibles must be paid.

1. Contractors that pays, waives, rebates, credits, absorbs, or otherwise declines to collect or charge a deductible violates the law.

2. Contracts must also contain a disclosure statement that insurance deductibles must be paid.

3. Insurance companies can now request “reasonable proof” that the deductible has been paid before making a replacement cost hold back payment.

The legislation of HB2102 not only puts all Texas roofers on a level playing field, but it protects homeowners (like you) from getting in trouble with the law due to false information from fraudulent contractors. Read the bill in its entirety here.

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