Does My Insurance Policy Cover Roof Damage?

Let Top Dog Roofing Educate You on the Insurance Process
If your home in Cedar Park, Texas, or greater Austin has been affected by a severe hail or wind damage, you will need to replace the damage immediately. Delaying replacement or repair may cause more damage to the interior of your home. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the roofing industry. We will guide you through the process from start to finish and make the project as stress-free as possible.

Top Dog Roofing Will Not Compromise Our Ethics or Your Insurance Policy to Waive or Cover Your Deductible
Your insurance company will most likely drop your policy immediately if they find insurance fraud. Not only can that make it nearly impossible to insure your home but future insurance premiums will skyrocket. 

If a Contractor is Willing to Compromise on Something as Major as Insurance Fraud, What Else Will They Compromise on Your Roof?

You may not only find yourself in trouble with the insurance company, but you could also be left with a roof that is not up to par.

When hiring any contractor, we encourage our homeowners to educate and research.


Does the contractor:

  • Carry general liability insurance.

  • Passed an installation workmanship inspection.

  • Carries all required licensing and insurance.

  • Have good standing with the BBB.

  • Has a brick and mortar office.

  • Have mainly positive reviews online.


The Better Business Bureau covers Deductible Scheme and Deductible Assistance Programs

Click for the article: Diagram of a Scheme. Please do your research and do not fall victim to these contractors.


Insurance Process:

  1. Initial inspection is completed by one of Top Dog Roofing’s experienced and professional Roof Consultants.

  2. Your Roof Consultant will show you the damage found via pictures or video and discuss with you our professional assessment of any damage. You make the decision for what is best for your home. Our professionals are trained to answer any question you may have.

  3. You decide whether you would like to file a claim with your insurance company. If not, no worries, our homeowner inspections are 100% free, no purchase necessary. We can also help you explore options for an out of pocked bid or repair.

  4. If you decide to file a claim with your insurance company, an adjuster will be assigned. The adjuster will call you within 48 hours of making the claim to schedule a time to inspect your property. This is also a great time to let your Top Dog Roofing’s Roof Consultant aware of when the adjuster will be on site. It is highly advised to have one of our trained staff on site when the adjuster is doing their assessment.

  5. Your Top Dog Roofing Roof Consultant will meet with your insurance adjuster and show them areas of damage and explain why we believe it is a result of hail, wind, or other storm damage. We will also explain and answer any questions regarding the scope of your suggested work, why each is necessary and identify additional items of work required due to code upgrades. Whether the roof is approved or denied, this service is 100% free for homeowners. Top Dog Roofing and it’s representative are not and do not claim to be Public Insurance Adjusters. The approval or denial of your claim is not up to Top Dog Roofing but solely with the insurance company and/or adjuster assigned to your claim.

  6. If the insurance adjuster approves your claim, your Roof Consultant will then discuss with you all your replacement options. We will enter into a Construction Agreement outlining everything that is expected from us and everything that is expected from you. Please know that Top Dog Roofing will never pay your deductible. This is insurance fraud.

    1. If your claim is denied by your insurance adjuster, don’t fret, you still have options to explore. We can discuss those with you if and when that time comes but know, that you have 100% control on this process as well.

  7. Top Dog Roofing’s office staff will now start the process of scheduling a build date that works for you, pulling permits that are required in your city, checking mandatory building codes, ordering materials and handling insurance supplements (if needed).  

  8. Your materials are usually dropped within 24 hours of build date unless otherwise discussed.

  9. Day of build the crew and project manager will show up very early to get started tearing off your old roof and installing the new roof. While most homes are completed in 1 day, weather conditions and the size of roof to be completed can extend this time frame.

  10. After your new roof is installed, the crew will do a very thorough clean up and nail sweep. Your Roof Consultant will also perform a nail sweep. Nails can be very pesky but we do our absolute best to make sure get as many as possible.

  11. After your roof has been installed and you are satisfied with the work, we will have a close-out meeting with you. After your invoice is paid, you will get all of your warranty paperwork.

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