Paying a residential roofing company to make repairs to a roof is an expense that any homeowner can do without.

How then can homeowners reduce the need for roofing repair?

Regardless of what kind of roof is on the home, these tips from experienced residential roofing repair services can help a homeowner take great care of their roof, reducing the problems that can result in damage over time that requires repairing.

1. Tree Trimming

A common cause of damage that requires roofing repair is long tree branches that reach the roof.

As the wind causes the branches to move, they will scrape along the shingles or panels, many times damaging them or even breaking shingles off.

Residential roofing companies highly recommend that homeowners with trees close to their houses have the trees professionally trimmed back so the branches cannot reach the roof.

Preventing that contact will prevent unnecessary damage and the cost of getting it fixed.

2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping a roof clean with periodic pressure washing or brush scrubbing will slow down its aging.

Mold, mildew, moss, and algae will all slowly eat away at a roof, shortening its lifespan.

In addition, leaves from nearby trees can rot on the surface or clog up gutters, causing water damage.

Homeowners can avoid these problems with twice-annual gutter cleaning performed by a residential roofing repair service and professional roof cleaning every year or two as needed.

Along with cleaning, any other manufacturer-recommended maintenance should also be performed.

3. Attic Insulation and Ventilation

The attic is an overlooked part of every roof system that, if not managed, can cause serious damage to it.

The contractor should inspect attic insulation to make sure there is enough to prevent heat from passing into the home and that insulation and ventilation are well balanced for energy efficiency without a risk of the attic overheating.

Homeowners can avoid expensive, widespread roofing repair by having the contractor confirm that attic ventilation is effective enough to prevent overheating, which can destroy the external roofing installation from the underside.

4. Post-Storm Check-Up

Residential roofing companies recommend that homeowners do a post-storm inspection of their roofs, as this is one of the main times when damage can happen.

This can be done using binoculars to view the top of the house.

Look for missing flashing, damaged shingles or panels, and anything else that seems out of place, and look inside the attic for evidence of leaks.

Homeowners can also call their contractors for a storm damage inspection to be sure that their installation is in great shape and no worse for wear after the storm has passed.

5. Visual and Professional Inspections

In addition to post-storm inspections, homeowners should do visual inspections of their roof frequently and arrange routine professional inspections every other year.

During these professional inspections, residential roofing repair companies will look for all of the typical problems that can develop over time, ensure proper maintenance is being performed and then discuss any developing issues and recommend corrections.

Avoid Needing Roofing Repair with These 5 Easy Steps

Expensive roofing repairs can be avoided when homeowners take the right steps to protect their roofs.

With the help of a reputable residential roofing company, these common mistakes and any resulting damage can be easily averted.

Make these five steps a part of good maintenance and observation so that calls to a residential roofing repair service will be few and far between!

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