Commercial Roof Restoration in Round Rock and Cedar Park, TX

Your Roof Replacement Alternative

Did you know that our GE Silicone Roof Restoration adds up to 10-20 years of life to your current roofing system? With restoration, there is no downtime for your business or building occupants. We do not need to tear off a structurally sound roof exposing the inside of your building. Our team power washes the existing roof of loose dirt and debris. Then we patch up any problem areas we find. Next, we use a gravity fed spreader apply the silicone over your roof.

With our system there is no overspray on cars or other property, low VOCs keep the air safe to breathe for humans and animals alike. Plus no tear-off reduces the noise and landfill pollution in our beautiful city of Austin, TX

Cost of restoration is usually 1/3rd the cost of full replacement. We understand as a business you need to have a beautiful, fully-functioning roof that keeps your building occupants, employees, and customers in a dry and safe environment.


Applicable Roof Substrates:

Modified Bitumen
Single-Ply Membranes


Greener Earth and Wallet

Choosing roof restoration over replacement actually helps the environment. Restoration is a more eco-friendly process, as it reuses the existing roof, eliminating any needless waste. This process can even make your building more energy efficient while extending the life of your roof. Our silicone roofing options reflect 87% of the sun’s harmful rays, helping your roof last longer and your home to feel cooler.


In addition to restoration being a greener option for the earth, it also adds more green in your wallet. A cooler home means less money spent on AC costs and many commercial businesses that choose restoration over replacement qualify to pay less on their state and federal taxes. We’re all about saving you money, call our office today.


We Have the Answers

When making the decision between roof restoration or replacement, our expert crew members can answer any questions you may have and will help you find the most cost-effective solution.


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