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Come Hail or High Wind, We'll Be by Your Side!
Highly Skilled, Prompt & Courteous!
Call Our Expert Roofers Today!
Highly Skilled, Prompt & Courteous!
Call Our Expert Roofers Today!

Wind Damage Repair in Cedar Park, Texas

The wind has caused a tree to crash into the roof of a house.

Subtle Damages

Wind damage can cause lifted or missing shingles allowing for elemental exposure. Missing shingles are easily seen and often found around the property. Wind Zippers and lifted shingles take a trained eye to spot. Small problems with your roof’s shingles can often lead to larger issues in the future. Call the experts and save time and money.


After a sever wind storm has occurred and you suspect damage it is important to have your roof inspected my a trained professional. These inspections are thorough and hassle-free. Call Top Dog Roofing and our team will conduct a video inspection of your roof. Video inspections allow us to be more thorough and allow you to see exactly what we do. No tricks. All honesty. Contact us today and let us ensure your  roof is strong for what ever may come.

Five Signs You Need Roof Replacement or Repair:

  1. Missing pieces in the asphalt of your roof
  2. Dents or bruising on shingles resulting from hail damage
  3. Loose, cracked or broken shingles
  4. An accumulation of roofing granules in gutters
  5. Leaky roof systems caused by wind damage

Call Us

Call our office today and find out more about our video inspection process in the Greater Austin area, or ask a crewmember how to schedule a repair. At Top Dog Roofing, we’re here for you. Come hail or high wind, we’ll be by your side.

Video Inspections

At Top Dog Roofing, we work hard to ensure your home is protected from these possible outcomes. That’s why, even if your roof isn’t damaged, we offer video inspections to evaluate any future issues that may arise. The best part is, we’ll show you the video feed so you can see exactly what we see. This means 100 percent honesty and zero tricks.
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